Explore Corfu yacht charter and Ionian Sea yacht charter destinations . Top yacht charter destinations
in Greece with Sail Corfu

Paxos Yacht Charter

Paxos Yacht Charter. In Greek mythology Paxos broke away from the south part of Corfu, when Poseidon plunged his trident there and became the love nest for him and Amphitrite...

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Antipaxos Yacht Charter

Antipaxos Yacht Charter. One breath south of Paxos we find the paradise on earth. Vrika, Mesavrika and Voutoumi are among the most beautiful beaches of this planet and...

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Parga Yacht Charter

Parga Yacht Charter. One of the summer destinations on a sailing yacht charter, is the old city of Parga, located in the west coast is the most popular holiday destination in Epirus, facing the islands of Paxos and Antipaxos.

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