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Paxos yacht charter

Paxos Yacht Charter

In Greek mythology Paxos broke away from the south part of Corfu, when Poseidon plunged his trident there and became the love nest for him and Amphitrite.
His trident remains the official emblem of the island.

Today Paxos is the love nest for many visitors who come to enjoy the crystal clear waters, the small seaside villages and of course the Greek hospitality.

Laka, Logos and Gaios are the three villages-ports and between them, small bays where the dark green of the olive trees mixes with the blue of the sea in an astonishing combination.

Antipaxos Yacht Charter

One breath south of Paxos we find the paradise on earth. Vrika, Mesavrika and Voutoumi are among the most beautiful beaches of this planet and they are there waiting for you.

About a dozen of properties, no cars or roads, no villages, but only the beauty of nature are composing the island of Antipaxos.

The turquoise color of the crystal sea is unique. You just have to see that place.

Antipaxos yacht charter
Parga Yacht Charter

Parga Yacht Charter

One of the summer destinations on a sailing yacht charter, is the old city of Parga, located in the west coast is the most popular holiday destination in Epirus, facing the islands of Paxos and Antipaxos.

The medieval castle and the largest part of the old town are literately hanging above the sea. When you reach the port of Parga, the first thing that catches your eye is a small green island with a white church and a fresh water spring. The island is very close to the beach of Parga so if you like, you can go there swimming.